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  • What is this?

The Creation Care Prayer Network is a network of communities committed to the healing of our common home. The network is connected through prayer and Eucharistic adoration and warmly welcomes religious and lay contemplative communities.

  • What does the prayer network do?

The network unites in prayer for creation and the most vulnerable among us. The prayer network accompanies species and non-human life most affected by climate and ecological injustice, and it joins Catholic institutions around the world in helping more people care for creation and undergo an ecological conversion.

  • Who will coordinate this network?
Laudato Si’ Movement will coordinate the network with key partners.
  • How will the network unite in prayer?
LSM will send a monthly email/newsletter that will include the month’s prayer intention, an invitation to participate in LSM’s monthly retreat day, and an invitation to pray for key moments throughout the year.

On a daily basis, communities are encouraged to participate by offering an intercession during Mass, the liturgy of the hours, or Eucharistic adoration.

  • What is a community committing to by signing up?
A community is making a powerful public commitment to pray for creation on an ongoing basis, with guidance from LSM’s monthly newsletter.
  • How will communities in the network be highlighted?
LSM will produce a map of the Creation Care Prayer Network that will showcase all of the registered communities and include a link to their websites and/or social media profiles.

LSM also will host a Telegram or Facebook group where members can come together and share prayer intentions.

  • There are already so many great prayers out there. How will this network honor that work?

The newsletter and Facebook group will feature prayers from around the world. Each community also will have the freedom to use whichever prayers they prefer.

  • Why pray?

The teachings of the Church, expressed by Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, and so many others, together with science, clearly show us the actions needed to reverse the climate crisis and its effects.

But there is one thing that must always precede action: prayer.